New home remodeling trends that can enhance the value of your home:

Maintenance-Free Siding

More and more, people are choosing maintenance-free that lives as long as we do, but with a lot less upkeep. People are opting for fiber-cement siding, a fastest-growing segments of the siding market. Maintenance free siding combines cement, sand, and cellulosic fibers that looks like wood but won’t rot, combust, or succumb to termites and other wood-boring insects.

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Convertible Spaces

Forget “museum rooms” used twice a year, or dining rooms, embrace convertible spaces that change with your needs. For example, foldaway walls turn a private study into an easy-flow party space. Walls can consist of fancy, glass panels or they can be simple vinyl-covered accordions.  A Murphy bed that pulls down from an armoire-looking wall unit can turn any room into a guest room.

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New Laundry Room

A major laundry room advance came as it arose from the basement to a louvered closet on the second floor where clothes live. Now, take it a step further and give your washday a room of its own. If you’re thinking of remodeling, turn a mudroom or extra bedroom into a dedicated laundry room,  big enough to house the washer and dryer, hang hand-washables, and store bulk boxes of detergent.

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Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels open up space, perhaps you can  incorporate a lonely dining room, create a large pantry, and so on. New appliances make cooking easier and more energy efficient. Often the entire family now helps prepare dinner – could you use a double prep sink or dual-prep islands with lots of counter space and pull-out drawers.

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