Bolt & Brace Seismic Retrofit

Reduce  Earthquake Risk with a Bolt and Brace Seismic Retrofit 

Get a free estimate for your bolt and brace upgrade project. Prevent potential earthquake damage by upgrading today. CA Dept. of Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones: “The natural disasters of 2017 remind us of the need to be prepared for the major earthquakes that are inevitable in California… Californians can protect their families by strengthening older homes, which are particularly vulnerable to earthquake damage, and by making sure they have the financial strength to rebuild with earthquake insurance.” 

Homes with qualifying retrofits are eligible for discounts of up to 20 percent on CEA earthquake insurance premiums.

Bolt the house to the foundation, brace the area above the foundation, and bolt the main floor to reduce the risk of earthquake damage to your home.  Brace unreinforced chimneys, masonry, and concrete walls for additional safety.

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We have experience in all aspects of the construction trade with over 22 years of building experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Reduce risks inside your house

  • Fit gas appliances with flexible connections and/or a breakaway gas shut-off device
  • Install a main gas shut-off device.
  • Secure water heater(s) to walls.
  • Anchor bookcases and filing cabinets to walls.
  • Install latches on drawers and cabinet doors to keep contents from spilling out.
  • Install ledge barriers on shelves, place heavy items on lower shelves
  • Secure large, heavy items and breakables directly to shelves.
  • Attach computers and small appliances to desks, tables or countertops.
  • Secure ceiling lights, suspended ceilings and other hanging items (chandeliers and plants, etc.).
  • Apply safety film to windows and glass doors.
  • Anchor large appliances to walls using safety cables or straps. Lock the rollers of any large appliances or pieces of furniture.
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