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Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home. You will be amazed at the difference a newly remodeled kitchen can make on the look and feel of a home.  A kitchen remodel brings new beauty, energy, and life into your home.  We are proud of the kitchen remodeling services we provide in the Bay Area.

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Customer Satisfaction is Our First Priority

Jack kept me informed and was clear on costs and time expectations. We will definitely use them again.

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Jack makes it clear throughout the whole process that he is interested in your complete satisfaction with the work. Great experience!

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Do You Have an Outdated Kitchen

Does your kitchen still meet your needs? Would you like help planning a design solution for a home office, laundry, media room or other residential space?

As an independent, award-winning certified Kitchen Remodeling designer specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling for San Francisco Bay Area homeowners, we can show you how to turn your space into a place you won’t want to leave.  We will guide you through the entire design process – helping to bring your kitchen planning visions to life. Let’s create a lasting design together.

AGH Construction kitchen remodeling services includes: consultation, budget setting, kitchen design, bathroom design, storage and space planning, home office, cabinetry design and CAD drawing. We will direct you toward the most cost-effective resources for cabinets, plumbing fixtures, surface materials, and appliances. Let’s work together to create an enduring, functional design that reflects your taste and falls within your budget.

Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. You should love the kitchen you spend so much time in. If you don’t, it’s time to remodel! Here are 9 steps to remodel your kitchen.

Step 1: Make a Plan

Sit down and really think about how you use your kitchen. What would you change to make it more functional? Do you need more storage space or a breakfast bar for kids can do their homework while you make dinner? Eliminate as many steps as possible while you are cooking. Look at your current design of your kitchen and determine how much change is needed.

Step 2: Discover your Options

After you determine your design, spend some time looking into the different cabinet styles, counter-tops, and appliances that will make your dream a reality. Develop your budget and determine how much the entire project will cost. Create a priorities list and decide what you absolutely have to have and what are you willing to compromise on in order to meet your budget.

Step 3: Find a Contractor

When you are ready to start your project, call us. We’ll help you with permits, building codes and regulations that must be followed. 

Step 4: Finalize a Design

Make sure you are honest about your needs as well as what you want your new kitchen to look like. This will help us ensure that the design meets your needs and allows for an adequate amount of money for material allowances. The closer he can get you to a realistic budget amount during this step the better! 

Step 5: Choose Specific Items

Now that you have finalized your design, it’s time to begin selecting the actual cabinets, counter-tops, appliances, colors and finishes for your kitchen.  You might be able to save a significant amount of money simply by changing the door style of the cabinets. You may also spend significantly more money by upgrading your granite counter-tops to an exotic color. Keep your priorities in check especially if you are budget conscious!

Step 6: Prepare for the Big Day

Before the remodel can actually begin, you must first prepare your current kitchen. This means you will need to remove decorations from the walls, food from the pantry and dishes from the cabinets. Make sure you do a thorough job of cleaning out cabinets and moving things out that are not part of the remodel. You may even want to consider moving furniture or other things from adjacent rooms that may be affected by the kitchen remodel.

Step 7: The Remodel

Your kitchen will go through many steps throughout the remodel. The first step is demolition, where everything that needs to be removed is removed. If major construction is taking place, this will be the next step in the process. After plumbing and electrical systems are updated, the walls will be closed up and you will begin to see the kitchen take shape. Patience is key during the process.

Step 8: Inspections

We will work with you to pull the necessary building permits for the project. City inspections are typically required during the rough phase of the project, (just prior to drywall when the mechanical trades are done), and at the end of the project when it is complete. In the end, this is for your safety and will ensure that all work has been completed per code and correctly.

Step 9: Go Over the Finished Kitchen

After the remodel has been completed, review the design, appliances, and finishes. Look for defects in the material as well as appliances that don’t work properly. We will review your list with you so we may determine who is responsible for final adjustments. By this time, you should be able to start moving back into your kitchen and enjoying your new space!

Follow these steps to make sure your kitchen is exactly what you want it to be. To learn more about how you can remodel your kitchen easily and efficiently, call us today to discuss your dream project: (650) 400-3600

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