Stucco & Plaster Repair

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Our stucco repair specialists can make your stucco look great again.  Check out our tips for cleaning stucco.   Our Services include:

AGH Construction Stucco and Plaster Repair
   – Professional Stucco Work
   – Damaged Stucco Repair
   – Peeling Stucco Repair
   – Stucco Replacement
   – Stucco Repair & Painting
   – Synthetic Stucco Repair
   – Residential & Commercial
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Customer Satisfaction is Our First Priority

Jack kept me informed and was clear on costs and time expectations. We will definitely use them again.

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Jack makes it clear throughout the whole process that he is interested in your complete satisfaction with the work. Great experience!

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How can stucco walls deteriorate?  

The wire lath in stucco can rust when water  penetrates cracks of exterior walls and columns, and the cracks can grow bigger in the absence of prevention. As the cracks get larger the wall swells and some stucco starts falling off – this is called spalling. It is severe deterioration and interior damage is imminent.  Spalled stucco allows even more water inside and can lead to the rotting of the buildings wood framing.  This is serious!

Call us as soon as you see any damage to stucco walls (650) 400-3600.

How are Stucco Walls Repaired?

Spalling stucco requires the removal of the damaged stucco, the wire lath and any rotten wood framing. The area needs to be rebuild with new materials. Keeping a heavy coat of quality paint on  a stucco wall will help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

There may be more defective building materials hidden behind the wall than it appears. It’s really important to remove enough stucco to make an accurate assessment for how much damage there is. The cost for replacing the stucco will be relatively low if the damage is minimal.

However, if someone simply caulks or patches the stucco without checking for the damage beneath, the cause of the problem will not be addressed. As a result, the root cause of the problem will grow larger and a complete and final repair will become more costly.

Call us at (650) 400-3600 as soon as you see any damage to stucco walls.

We have experience in all aspects of the construction trade with over 20 years of building experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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