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Exterior Home Remodeling Ideas

How the exterior of your home looks and functions dictates a large part of its value. Match your home’s exterior to its overall architectural style to make it look good. Check out the following exterior home remodeling and renovation ideas to keep your home looking its best.

Replace Shutters or Windows

Generic-style fixed / non-functional shutters are often unattractive. Many stylish shutters available today including country and mid-century modern styles that can enhance a home’s curb appeal. Use shutter styles that complement the home’s exterior architecture. Enlarge your windows, adding a bay or picture window, or simply change the size and shape of your existing windows to add dimension to your exterior and more light to the interior of your home.

Install Fiber Cement Siding

Replace your existing siding with fiber cement to improve your home’s appearance. Fiber cement siding is a versatile material available in multiple styles and colors. It’s exceptionally durable and low maintenance.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Update the color of your home to something a little lighter, brighter, or more contemporary to enhance its style. Pair the color of your home with its architectural style to get the best results; for example, upgrade to a slightly darkened paint color on Victorians, a saturated color palette on an Arts and Crafts home, or a natural color palette on a Tudor. Use a bold color accent on the front door, shutters, trim, or decorative wood work. Make sure the colors complement the rest of your home’s exterior and use accent colors in small amounts so as not to overwhelm the rest of the home’s palette.

Accent The Exterior

Vary siding colors or materials to call attention to different areas of your exterior, such as upper stories, eaves, towers, or attached sections like garages or barns to give your entire property a style boost. Exterior Texture: Add a brick or stone veneer skirt, an accent wall, some cedar or cedar-look shingles, or stucco.

Add a Porch

Porches are listed as one of the most wanted home features. Make sure your porch addition has enough space to include seating and other functional options, such as fans, fire pits or storage.

Upgrade Landscaping

Add some well-placed shrubs and plants up against your house to hide gas or electrical meters, or other non-attractive elements. Take care not to cover windows or light sources as you plant.

Add Exterior Lighting

Add sconces, over the door lights, and accent lights to help illuminate the exterior and make it visible at night to help visitors navigate after dark. For homes with large soffits or overhangs beneath the roof, install some discreet lights in these areas to help define the roofline after dark.

Update The Driveway

Instead of a plain, asphalt driveway, consider more decorative options including stamped concrete pavers or bricks to add a finishing touch.

Replace Garage Doors

Replace garage doors with something more decorative, such as carriage style doors, carved doors, or contemporary style doors to create a fresh look.

Enlarge the Entryway

Create a larger, more welcoming front door area. This may include building a “tower” such as those seen on Colonial style homes, or merely widening the front steps and adding some glass inserts on either side of the door.

Dress Up Walkways

Make the area leading up to your front door just as welcoming and attractive as the rest of your home. Widen the walkway itself, and invest in some new material such as stamped concrete pavers to create a more intricate and detailed path. You can also include built-in seating or conversation areas to increase the versatility of your landscaping and add interest to the area as well. Make sure you include some additional lighting in this area, possibly by including lights low to the ground that can unobtrusively light the path without taking away from its style at night.

Chimney Caps

Top your chimney to protect your home from elements and small animals. Consider using a decorative cap made of stone or wrought iron to call attention to your chimney and to dress up your roof.


Keep children and pets safe by adding fencing. Stylish fencing will also add curb appeal.

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